Total Little Girl Lifestyle

June 12, 2010

pansy and his bottle

pansy's dinner


a happy little girl

pansy in one of his several baby girl outfits

the sissy is sinking deeper into permanent age regression

May 29, 2010

he is totally babified

pansy's dinner

sissy curtsey

sissy pansy is an Adult Baby Permanently !

May 12, 2010

sissy pansy KNOWS that it is futile for him to think, act, or attempt to be an Adult ever again.

 The sissy has been PERMANENTLY age regressed.

 The sissy has been TOTALLY feminized and transformed into an Adult Baby.

 The sissy HAS NO say in how he is to be treated, controlled, and used.

Doesn't he make a pretty sissy ?

Not allowed to grow up pictures

May 5, 2010

pansy is happy baby

a baby sissy in cute mittens and booties

sissy pansy is not allowed to grow up

Not allowed to grow up

May 5, 2010

 pansy is a total sissy Sissy pansy has been told by his Master, that he will never be allowed to act like an adult ever again. The sissy is in for a life of permanent babification.

sissy pansy knows that this is whats best for him, he was in no way ever considered  a ‘male’. pansy also tried to live as a TS for many years, but the sissy is only happy living as a baby girl

The sissy is in diapers !!

April 26, 2010

fairy pansy cannot stop acting like a sissy, he wears diapers 24/7, he uses a pacifier, and drinks from a bottle. The sissy is NOT allowed to ever act as an adult, and by the looks of his outfits, he will never ever be considered one

A sissy that wears girls clothing and uses diapers

April 8, 2010

his name is sissyfairy pansy, he is a 49 year old male that lives 24/7 as an adult little girl, he wears and uses diapers full time, as he is totally incontenent

sissy fairy pansy